Strand Design for RX Made

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with RX Made! Strand has designed and developed several new products that will be manufactured by RX Made from reclaimed and locally sourced materials … but only if we receive your support. Starting November 13th, you can start investing in our Kickstarter campaign to make this project a reality. We have only 30 days to reach our goal, and we need the help of all of you!

How can you make this project happen?

Pledge on Day One. Having a big hit on the number of pledges from the get-go has a tremendous impact on the success of the campaign! Others see the momentum and are driven to pledge as well.

Chat it up! Starting on the first day of the campaign, please share the RX Made campaign with your friends, family, and anyone you know who loves great design with a great mission. Tell everyone about how design with reclaimed materials is helping to build a positive change here in Chicago, and that this Kickstarter campaign is the only way to help this collaborative effort. Share the RX Made video on your Facebook page, spread the tweets, image pins, tags and hi-fives all around to help be a part of making this happen!

Do Both! Pledge and tell others to pledge! Follow along with our updates and share them with your friends. Tell everyone you know that you pledged, and tell them why— that you just helped to launch beautifully designed, responsibly manufactured, locally produced awesomeness!

More about this project ...

Over the past year, RX Made received such an enthusiastic response to their reclaimed furniture that they are now expanding the RX Made line to include a greater variety of products using reclaimed and locally produced materials. RX Made reached out to Strand to collaborate, and we are very honored to have been chosen to help launch a product line that blends creative design with reclaimed materials. 

Strand has designed and fully prototyped three products specifically for RX Made, taking into account their material resources and the production capabilities of their shop. We also bring our passion and expertise for sourcing local manufacturing to this endeavor, and are thrilled to work with a partner like RX Made who has the same commitment to local production.

The products that will be launched in this campaign are ready to go; all they need is the support of our community. Every sourcing and production detail has been considered, and  we were able to domestically source all of the components for this project, (everything from hardware and material finishes to clock movements and laser cut steel) with most pieces coming from Chicago and the Great Lakes Region. 

RX Made will be launching this exciting project on on November 13th as a way to raise funds for initial production costs. Kickstarter is an online platform where creative projects are matched with small (or large!) investments from friends, neighbors and complete strangers who share a love and energy for starting new, independently owned ventures. The site gives everyone the opportunity to help a great project get started. In exchange, supporters get something special they have helped create in return.

In keeping with Kickstarter’s rules, RX Made must have 100% of its goal pledged within 30 days of the campaign launch. Any less than 100% and we cannot create these pieces. It’s an all-or-nothing approach to funding.

More about RX Made

Founded in 2011 by the Chicago non-profit Rebuilding Exchange, RX Made evolved out of what was originally a job training program to create skilled workers in the growing field of building deconstruction and materials reuse. The trainees in the program were taught basic carpentry skills, and learned to create furniture from reclaimed building materials salvaged in Chicago. From these beginnings, we have since transformed into a small furniture production shop, hiring both graduates from the training program and talented builders from the
furniture making community here in Chicago.


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