Strand Wins The Unison Prize in The Design Showcase!

We are so incredibly honored to have been chosen by Alicia Rosauer and Robert Segal from Unison to win in The Apartment Therapy Design Showcase. Take a look!

What Alicia and Robert said:

"We select Strand Design's Lug Trugs as our top pick in the AT Design Showcase 2012 for many reasons. The product stands out in form and material contrast - it's soft matte black contrasts great with the natural handles of wood and rope, and we're always a fan of contrast stitching. We're in awe that each piece is hand stitched, making these even more an outstanding product displaying true dedication and craftsmanship.

We also appreciate that it is offered in more than one style (or function) which reveals the designers' thoughtfulness in the design process. Lastly, using recycled rubber has been around for a while in the realm of modern design products, but this is by far the sleekest, yet down to earth design we have seen. Does it help that they are fellow Chicago designers and a husband-and-wife design team as well? Perhaps. But really we are proud such great design does come out of Chicago and these guys deserve the recognition for a truly unique product line."


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