We Met Our Kickstarter Goal!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we met and exceeded the goal of our Kickstarter project with RX Made! This would not have been able to happen without the enormous support of our community, who really helped to get the ball rolling and get the message out to other people across the country. Our campaign had 573 backers, and we raised $42,032. These funds will be used to produce the initial runs of each product, and send them out to everyone who supported this endeavor.

In an article written for GOOD magazine, our partner at RX Made, Cynthia Main, sums it all up very nicely ...

"People understood that this was a project that was not only creating new opportunities to reduce waste, but also creating jobs and building the local economy at the same time. This is a community effort: we traded with stores for our rewards, we bartered for space for our events, we worked with contractors to salvage the flooring we wanted for the project, and forged relationships with local manufacturers to help us make this happen. It feels like a community coming together to retell a story of these abandoned buildings the way we wanted to, providing the material for creating the kind of change we want to see."

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