The Seven Lamp and Pendant

Strand Design loves to use urban lumber. It's abundant, it doesn't contribute to deforestation, and it's drop dead gorgeous. Last year, we started to cut our own veneers (about a sixteenth of an inch thick, much thicker than commercial veneers) in an effort to experiment with traditional veneer techniques with our own "twist." The results were spectacular. We made several desks with beautiful book-matched veneered surfaces, and it made us curious about what else we could do.

The Seven Lamp and Pendant are a recent experiment using hand-cut veneers, and we are very pleased with the results. We made only twelve of these lamps, and they are truly precious. They are currently available for sale on our website.

Our process:
We began by designing and cutting the pieces that make up the "skeleton" of the lamp. We made the lamps in ash, oak, and walnut. Each lamp has the same species in the skeleton and in the veneer.

Next, we cut the veneers on the bandsaw. Each veneer is about a sixteenth of an inch.

Gluing up the "skeletons."

The end results! To see more images, check out our shop.

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