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Strand Design is excited participate in the Center for Lost Arts, a month-long pop-up workshop and design studio located in Chicago, IL housing 40 creatives from various disciplines in a single space. When all is said and done we will publish a zine documenting the trials and tribulations, successes and failures throughout the month.

Somewhere between artist residency, performance space, research project and public exhibit, the Center for Lost Arts will house 40 artists, architects, designers, printmakers, woodworkers, product designers, composers, hackers, and educators into a 15,000 square foot space. For 31 days, armed with a wide array of tools this community will make to their hearts content. Independently, collaboratively or collectively. The point? What happens at the intersection of creative disciplines in an open-studio environment? We're curious too.

Support this endeavor on Kickstarter and you'll receive the Center for Lost Arts Zine, a magazine that documents the process and results of the center. Back it now!

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