Marina City Rehab- Phase One: Demo

In October of 2013, we became the proud owners of a condo in Marina City, one of Chicago's architectural icons. (Take a look at the Wikipedia entry for some fun facts about the complex and it's construction.)

Marina City was completed in 1964, and the unit that we purchased was not exactly well taken care of during the past five decades. In order to make the space liveable, we had to gut it almost entirely and do extensive repair work to all of the walls, the floor, and the ceiling.

The demo took almost two months, but we can now safely say that we have seen the world's ugliest vinyl floor tiles, worst ever paint combinations, most decayed carpeting, and most excessive use of caulk.

After the extensive demo, lots of painting, installing a new floor, and making the closets useable, we actually can live there. We still don't have a kitchen, but we are working on it as these words are written.

This collection of photos is from Phase One: Demolition. We'll post more photos as we move forward, and hope you will enjoy seeing our progress. Many thanks to our amazing sets of parents who let us crash with them during this process! You'll of course be our first dinner guests.





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