Designing for "Divergent"


After months of secrecy, we are happy to reveal the details of what kept us so busy in the spring of 2013 ...

We had the incredible pleasure to design and build all of the furniture for the "Abnegation" set in the film "Divergent." Yep. All of it. Like I said, we were busy.

In addition to hand-building all of the furnishings that make up the home of Beatrice "Tris" Prior, we designed and made the hundreds of window screens for all of the houses in the Abnegation village.

We are also thrilled that a few of our signature products are featured in the film; both the Tripod Table and our Seven Desk Lamp are in the movie— in fact, the opening scenes show the Tripod Table!

The movie Divergent is based on the book Divergent; the first book in a trilogy written by Veronica Roth. Set in a futuristic dystopian Chicago, the city is divided into 5 factions. Abnegation, meant for the selflessis the faction that Tris is born into.

All of the pieces that we designed for the Abnegation set have a classic, hand-made aesthetic, yet still speak to a futuristic world. We made each piece in our workshop in Chicago, and worked almost exclusively with Chicago-sourced ash lumber.

The best way to see all of the work is to see the movie, but we've included a few screen shots as well as our original renderings. Hope you enjoy!


Film Stills From The Divergent Trailer ...



Original Renderings of Abnegation Furniture


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